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Juniper Berry Exfoliating Detox Powder


Juniper Berry Powder


All Skin Types – Body Care

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Karpati natural 100% skin friendly Juniper Berry Exfoliating Detox Powder belongs to the New Generation of body care.

Awaken your senses! Luxurious Juniper Berry Exfoliating Detox Powder rids the skin of built up toxins and tones the body, promoting healthy, glowing skin with a soft, supple and even texture.

Natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties work their magic, eliminating impurities from the outer layers of the skin whilst effectively promoting a deep tissue microcirculation to increase blood flow, supporting lymphatic drainage.

Juniper Berry Exfoliating Detox Powder moistens on touch to give a hydrating effect ensuring long lasting suppleness with improved skin tone and texture.

The earthy-sweet fresh uplifting aroma has a calming effect, relieving tension and stress as the soft, gentle powder cleanses and detoxifies the body, regenerating dead skin cells, brightening skin and improving overall wellbeing.


For All Skin Types.  Versatile and easy to use – as often as needed.

Simply rub Juniper Berry Exfoliating Detox Powder onto the skin working upwards and rinse off afterwards.

Juniper Berry Exfoliating Detox Powder can be used in the shower on its own or mixed in with shower gel.

For dry skin, mix a small amount with body milk or oil and massage onto the whole body with circular movements. Wash off excess residue afterwards.

Also works well with dry body brushing after showering for an added circulation boost.


Fragrance Free • 100% Skin Friendly •Naturally Derived Ingredients• GMO Free • Ethically Sourced

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