Neck & Chest Lift 21

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The indulging Neck & Chest Lift 21 tightening cream regenerates and protects the very fine skin in the neck and chest area against tell-tale signs of ageing. Elasticity and tone, glowing complexion and moisture balance ensure youthful radiance.

• Acai oil provides long-lasting protection for the skin against dryness and oxidative stress, while revitalising and strengthening the skin’s barrier function
• Stimulates cell regeneration and promotes efficient growth of the skin substance
• Innovative infrared screen protects the skin from UV-related premature ageing
• Revitalises and reorganises the skin functions
• Strengthens the skin in the neck and chest area, including for bust support

Size: 200ml
Skin Type: All Skin Types, Body Care

8 in stock (can be backordered)

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